Super 40 Antistress

Provider and distributor of relaxing, regenerative and rejuvenating technologies offers unprecedented anti-stress technologies: 

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Since December 2017, new 2D and 3D relaxation technologies have been put into operation. Mind-Body Intelligence taught us how to relax deeply, effectively and quickly while being alert and focused afterwards.

We are the only distribution center for these technologies in Canada because they are the results of our creative research.


Our technologies are created specifically to take into account psychosocial peculiarities and the Canadian environment.

All our products are ecological and safe. They also have a very minimal energy consumption.

Each technology is coupled with the presence of pure oxygen, a vital element that is essential for life and essential to physical and mental health. The use of our technology makes your life more enjoyable.


As President of Super40 Antistress, I am very happy to provide people with tools that inspire calm, well-being and relaxation.

Developer of the concept “Well-being for everyone”, passionate about about help and science, for almost 2 decades, I am the author of an undisputed patent, this one confirms how much the 4 vital elements in accurate recipes, reduce the damage of any stress factors.

Mainly drug stress on the human body, while promoting the assimilation of it.

S40 ANTISTRESS is proud to distribute to healthcare professionals, businesses, individuals and the public technologies and products that inspire calm, relaxation, natural health and performance.

It is with honor that I offer S40 Antisress technologies, products and programs to businesses, educational institutions, government institutions, sport performance centers and individuals.

I also pledge to everyone that S40 Antistress offers the highest caliber quality and offers impeccable curtoisy and professionalism.

S40 Antistress technologies and products provide the body with the necessary spectrum to create deep relaxation in a micro-environment of oxygen that stimulates the nervous system and the brain.

The S-40 Antisress technologies are very satisfying and appreciated by the human body, enough to create the functional optimization of a tired, stressed, sore body.

S40 Antistress technologies help you discover the infinite riches that are in yourself and around you. In each of you there is a gold mine, from which you can extract everything you need to live splendidly, happily and abundantly.

Most of you, each one in his own way through these motivations is stressed, agitated, sore, uncomfortable at some point in his life.

The inclusion of our technologies in your daily life takes you away from panic, despair, pain, stress by allowing you to chart your way to calm, understanding, harmony.

super antistress

Whether it’s massage therapy , reflexology or oxygen therapy ;the stimulating virtues of the S40 Antistress technologies on muscle relaxation and blood and lymphatic circulation are indisputable.

The revitalizing effects of our technologies, allows their use in the most places. Based on THE LAW OF EQUILIBRIUM ; S40 Antistress technologies offer a superior alternative, with amazing results for different states of stress.

The key to this unprecedented efficiency comes from the unique relationship between synchronized relaxation and stimulation of the nervous system with oxygen.

Relaxing with S40 Antistress technology is always possible in the showroom at our Chateauguay location on Boul. D’Anjou nr 37.

Committed to offering the highest quality products, technologies and programs, S40Antistress offers its customers both products and educational resources, allowing them to experience all the benefits we have to offer.

Emphasis is put on the development of new unique technologies allied with the virtues of deep relaxation and brain stimulation.

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